Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Importance of a Regular Eye Exam

Most people are aware that it’s a good idea to get a physical exam from their primary care physician on a regular basis, but the experts at New York Eye Care want you to know that there are certain things your doctor may not check. One of the most important features of your body that a standard exam may not cover, for example, is your eye sight.

Statistically, one in every twenty people who suffer from minor eye problems will fail to mention the issue to their physician. These small problems, such as occasional pain or mild blurriness, can evolve into serious issues over time. Regardless of your age or physical health, a regular eye exam can provide the following benefits:

Determining Change in Prescription
If you already wear eye glasses or contacts, visiting undergoing a regular eye exam is still important. Occasionally an individual’s vision will change, either becoming stronger or weaker. Regardless of how it changes, your lenses will need to be updated to reflect the alteration. Continuing to use the inappropriate prescription can cause further damage to your eyes.

Detecting Eye Diseases
Even the slightest aching sensation in your eyes may indicate a serious issue. Common eye diseases, such as Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension, and Conjunctivitis can be detected and potentially treated if noticed in early stages of development. If you experience pain, itching, or blurry vision that lasts longer than a day, be sure to schedule an eye exam immediately.

It is important to remember that a vision screening is not a suitable replacement for a professional eye exam. While it is true that screenings can help determine whether or not you may have an ocular problem, only an expert ophthalmologist can make a reliable assessment. If you feel that you may require an eye exam in the Brooklyn area, please contact the offices of New York Eye Care to receive a full inspection today.


At February 9, 2015 at 1:23 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

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At February 9, 2015 at 1:25 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Regular eye checking is a great subject to have a look upon... Eye is the most sensitive and important part of our body... So regular eye checking can do really a great benefit.. Here we prefer Dr. Michael Tracy an ophthalmologist expert in San Diego for our eye related problem... Well thanks for sharing your thoughts and information.

At May 4, 2015 at 1:43 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Recently, I have been seeing halos in my visual field. This started suddenly two weeks ago and won't go away. Initially, I thought it was just something in my eyes, so I rubbed them and it got worse. I hope that I don't have a permanent problem.

At May 20, 2015 at 11:57 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

I never realized how important it is to get a regular eye exam. After reading this I can see why it's best to have eye exams regularly. You never know when something bad is happening to your eye and its best to catch it early before anything worse happens.

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