Monday, August 18, 2014

What to Look for in an Eye Exam in NYC

Where should you go for an eye exam in NYC? The problem isn't a lack of options – it's having too many options. There are thousands of eye care clinics in New York and they don't all offer the same level of care. However, by knowing what to look for in a good clinic and doctor, you can avoid the ones that underperform—without going out of your way.

Here's what you should expect from every eye exam in NYC:

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Proper, robust care – Some clinics that offer eye exams in NYC are little more than mills, moving patients in and out with little personalization and no attentive care. An eye exam is a lot more than just checking what prescription lenses you need. It should be a chance to examine your eyes for any potential developments or diseases, such as cataracts or glaucoma, even if you have never suffered from these before. Caught early, many eye conditions that develop throughout life can be corrected or minimized. Thus, protecting your vision should be one of the main purposes of eye professionals anywhere.

Someone who respects your time – An eye exam will normally take at least a half hour and may take up to an hour. However, none of that time should be spent waiting because the doctor and assistant are dragging their feet, or because of a disorganized clinic. Doctors should be ready to start appointments on time or with minimal wait periods. New Yorkers are always busy and we don't want to spend a whole afternoon at a routine eye appointment—it's not necessary.

Patience at all stages of the eye exam – While your doctor should be prompt, they should also be patient. If you have questions, they should take the time to answer them, and if you arrive at your eye exam with several different issues to discuss (for example, asking about laser surgery and also wondering if your father's cataracts might run in the family), they should take the time to address each one. This is your time to concentrate on your own health—and they should too.

A doctor with a passion for their field – Don't just go to whichever clinic is nearest to your apartment or office. There are many places that offer eye exams in the city and, if you look even a few blocks farther away, you'll dramatically widen the pool of options. You want to find a doctor who is passionate about vision and the human eye and is always educating themselves on new procedures and alternatives, not the just few they're already trained on.

What has you looking for a new eye care provider?


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

4 Health Exams Every New Yorker Needs

When was the last time you've seen a doctor for a non emergency matter? The CDC estimates that 82.1% of American adults contacted a health care professional last year, but the reasons why they did are all different. Many people only go to the doctor when they sense something is wrong and "preventative care" is a fancy phrase that will never apply to them. 

New York City residents are very guilty of neglecting their health. When you live in a city that has an outrageously high cost of living, seeing the doctor for an annual check up may not be high on your list of priorities. Preventative health care and tests may cost some money upfront, but they could end up saving you thousands of dollars in healthcare in the future. And when you live in a city full of smog and germs, you need to keep up with your health. If you want to start taking better care of yourself, make sure you see a doctor and request these tests and exams.

Cholesterol Test

Having high cholesterol puts at you at risk of developing heart disease, and millions of Americans have high levels of LDL, the "bad" kind of cholesterol. Testing for cholesterol is easy, and only requires a little blood work. If you have high cholesterol, you should make sure that you get your levels tested at least once a year until you have them under control.

Eye exam

When was the last time you had an eye exam in NYC? Some people that wear glasses assume that they don't need tests after they get their lenses, but people with glasses and contacts have even more reason to make sure that they get their eyes examined frequently. For current patients, some doctors recommend getting an eye exam every 1-2 years. It's suggested that people without vision problems get an exam every 2 years, but to schedule an eye exam immediately if they feel that their vision isn't as good as it used to be.

Diabetes screening

Diabetes is no joke in the United States. Diabetes diagnosis rates have been on the rise over the past decade, and the number of people with pre-diabetes may actually exceed people that are diagnosed with the disease. If you are overweight, have high blood pressure, or have a family history of diabetes, you need to get checked annually by a doctor. If you absolutely can't afford a doctor, many drugstore chains can administer the test for free.

Blood pressure test

A blood pressure check is very easy to do, and is one of the most important tests you can take. High blood pressure can increase your risk for a heart attack and stroke but, if detected and managed early, a person's risk decreases significantly. You should ideally have a blood pressure test performed at least once a year.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

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